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Vastusta - Demos 2014-2015 tape

Vastusta - Demos 2014-2015 tape

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Vastusta - Demos 2014-2015 tape

Vastusta is best known to me as the new hardcore band of the 1981 people, cause 1981 is one of my top favorite bands in the game right now so I was keen to hear what they'd do next.

You may know Vastusta as a band touring Japan right now with this record in tow.

But you may find that Vastusta is a rock solid band playing traditional Finnish hardcore reminiscent of bands like Kaaos and Bastards, but with much tighter musicianship than these bands were typically known for. Also 1981 dude has a KILLER screaming voice, he sounds like he's on a whole other plane of anger existence on these recordings.

Highly recommended for Finnish hardcore fans.

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Beta Boys - Late Night Acts LP

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Fruit gummy bears - 150 gram

Fruit gummy bears - 150 gram

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