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Nancy - Nancy Goes Country LP

Nancy - Nancy Goes Country LP

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Nancy - Nancy Goes Country LP

Release Date 01.04.2021

Nancy "Goes Country" on the new record, but only for a fleeting moment. See, the opener plays up the country angle admirably, tossing in some accents and slide guitar. But then the real Nancy shows, playing around with tons of spark, loads of hooks, and some nasally angst that brings to mind first-run bands like Ramones, The Dickies, and The Buzzcocks while also giving off some strong Steve Adamyk Band vibes. It’s pop punk, but pop punk with a distinctly garage aesthetic.

"Goes Country" does it for me. It’s a fun record with a ton of nervous energy. If you like your pop punk with jittery angst and a touch of manic panic, Nancy might hit just right.

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Beton Combo - Perfektion ist Sache der Götter LP

Beton Combo - Perfektion ist Sache der Götter LP

Official repress! Originally released 1981 via Aggressive Rock Produktionen!

The original artwork has been complemented with a 20 page booklet, including pitures, collages and documents from the band's treasure box, and remastered by Daniel Husayn.

Essential German punk LP! Upbeat, hook-laden, driving stuff from West Berlin, 1981. Most songs are driving political punk…

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Förgiftad/Gefyr - Split LP (ltd. 300)

Förgiftad/Gefyr - Split LP (ltd. 300)

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12,99 € (19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
Disease/Zodiak - Split EP (ltd. 300)

Disease/Zodiak - Split EP (ltd. 300)

Black vinyl, ltd. 300 copies!

Macedonias Disease delivers another 3 fantastic DIS-tracks, total Disclose Worship, europas best on all levels, brilliant band.

Zodiak (Ex Dropend, Ex Kafka) hailing from Japan with 3 tracks japanese distorted Dtakt Noize. Recorded at Noise Room (Tokyo) and Goatsound Studio (Melbourne) 2020, mixed & mastered by Shigenori Kobayashi at…

5,50 € (19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
Totalitär - Wallbreaker 1986-1989 CD

Totalitär - Wallbreaker 1986-1989 CD

US-import! "Wallbreaker" compiles the earliest output of Swedish HC veterans Totalitär. It includes tracks from the "Snabb Livsgladje" Demo '86 EP, the "Multinationella Mordare" EP, the "Luftslott" EP and the "Vand Dig Inte Om" EP, further topped off by some raw live tracks from their 1989 UK tour with Doom. Thirty tracks in all, and the booklet contains lyrics and liner notes…

12,00 € (19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
Cross Stitched Eyes - Autosarcophagy LP (silver vinyl)

Cross Stitched Eyes - Autosarcophagy LP (silver vinyl)

Limited Edition of 300 copies on silver Vinyl. 350g Heavy Cardboard Sleeve and includes digital Download.

Cross Stitched Eyes are back with their first release since almost 9 years! "Autosarcophagy" was recorded, arranged and mixed between 2016 and 2017 and finally finished 2020.

Featured here are 8 tracks recorded just prior their final 2017 US Tour. Cross Stitched Eyes…

13,99 € (19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
ExtinctExist - Anthropocene LP (black vinyl)

ExtinctExist - Anthropocene LP (black vinyl)

Includes LP sized fold out insert, 350g full color cardboard sleeve and digital download.

At last the long awaited new album from Melbourne's crucial crust ensemble "ExtinctExist" is finally here - It's been ages in the making but now all parts are together and you should get ready for a massive attack of no nonsense crustcore from these veteran members of the…

13,49 € (19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)