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Cinder Well - The Unconscious Echo LP (ltd. 300)

Cinder Well - The Unconscious Echo LP (ltd. 300) Cinder Well - The Unconscious Echo LP (ltd. 300)

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Cinder Well - The Unconscious Echo LP (ltd. 300)

Limited to 300 copies!

Cinder Well is the brainchild of Ireland-based, California-bred singer and multi-instrumentalist Amelia Baker. As part of the Santa Cruz anarchist folk-punk scene, she’s previously played with dusky folk trio the Gembrokers and metal- and Klezmer-influenced collective Blackbird Raum, among others; in 2015 she launched Cinder Well as a solo outlet where she could collaborate with a shifting cast of musicians.

By the time she released Cinder Well’s 2018 debut full-length, "The Unconscious Echo", she’d developed a sound that draws from haunting traditional English, Irish, and American folk, using to explore themes of generational and historic trauma tied to white supremacy and fascism.

"The Unconscious Echo" is a beautifully arranged and very deliberate record. There’s parts where you can almost hear the space surrounding the musicians. And there’s big crescendo’s with Amelia’s voice filling the room right after it with the same intent. There’s so much beauty and elegance in her painful storytelling, you feel like it’s not a safe place to go at all, but it’s definitely safer with her.

This record is for you if you like your lyrics dark, your folk doomy, your melodies haunting and your musicians outspoken.


Through The Tendons 3:37
Insulation Of The Silence 4:55
Mayn Rue Platz 4:11
The Hyde Mansion 6:07
The Unconscious Echo 4:37
Brittle Bones 7:00
The One To The East And West 6:08

Cinder Well - The Unconscious Echo LP (ltd. 300)
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