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Ataque Preventivo - s/t EP

Ataque Preventivo - s/t EP

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Ataque Preventivo - s/t EP

The debut EP of Ataque Preventivo comes from Mallorca (Spain) as the debut record from this band where we found members of Victimas (90s political hardcore-skunk) along with the vocalist of Disease, who aswell played in bands like Verval Diarrea or Aspirina Infantil. Pure rage contained for decades comes out afloat with these 5 shocks as fists that ooze anxiety, despair, urgency and outburst through the musical filter of the cement industry in Portland (American Leather stuff) Comes in a nice screenprinted cover! Sharp lyrics sung in spanish catalysed under the influence of records like 'Carnevision' (TDK) and other addictive substances through which to treat frustrations, desires, intimacies and collective shames. This 7" vinyl has been self-edited by the same band and has a design by DOC Industries. The recording was done by Tomeu Destructor in DST studios where MallorcaPunk records like the ones from Usura, The Quatermass or Verval Diarrea had been done.

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