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Zeroid - 2002 10"

Zeroid - 2002 10

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Zeroid - 2002 10"

The second release from these brutal noise merchants. 8 killer HC songs in midtempo mayhem. Dark, hypnotic music which reminds of Uranus, Damad or Neurosis. Rough but fat production that pushes the stunning grooves and melancholic melodies that shine through here and there.

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Nightmare - Give Notice Of Nightmare LP (yellow)

Nightmare - Give Notice Of Nightmare LP (yellow)

Repress! Limited yellow-marbled vinyl!

Official re-release! Split release between La Familia Releases and Farewell Records!

Housed in a 350 gram cover and contains a sheet with japanese lyrics and English translations! First release 1990 on legendary Selfish Records!

When it comes to japanese hardcore, it seems that a lot of people are obsessed with ADK or Dogma…

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Plastic Sleeve 10

Plastic Sleeve 10" (10 pieces)

Plastic sleeve for 10"s. Package of 10 pieces!

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Martyrdöd - List LP (black vinyl)

Martyrdöd - List LP (black vinyl)

Black vinyl! The unparalleled Swedish giants of modern metallic d-beat, Martyrdöd, return this November with their sixth full-length of endlessly fascinating, devastatingly different crust, List, once again through La Famila, D-Takt & Rapunk and Southern Lord, as with 2014’s Elddop. In a scene overabundant with clones of the founding/front running acts of the genre,…

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Accidente - Pulso LP

Accidente - Pulso LP

Two years after their phenomenal LP "Amistad Y Rebellion", Accidente from Madrid/Spain return with a fantastic and outstanding third album. Sweet melodic Punkrock with great spanish lyrics and vocals. Think of ASSASSINATORS and LA FRACTION to give you a hint.

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Soy Thin Stripes 6 kilogram

Soy Thin Stripes 6 kilogram

Soja Schnetzel are an extruded soya product, also called soya meat. This variant with longish fillet stripes is excellent for vegetarian gyros, fillet goulash, meat cut in stripes, fricassee and much more. The ideal meat substitute! How to prepare Soja Schnetzel: Simply soak the strips in hot vegetable stock for 5-10 minutes. Squeeze the water out of the strips, then season it to taste…

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Sick Of Stupidity - One Shot, One Kill 10

Sick Of Stupidity - One Shot, One Kill 10"

Formed by an ex-member of Jesus Cröst this new Holland squad is called Sick Of Stupidity. Aggressive, brutal, grindcore/power violence slaughter we will decidedly hear about next year. Get ready for a blastbeat heaven! 11 new sonx...

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