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Veggie Tuna - 300 gram

Veggie Tuna - 300 gram

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Product no.: 900309
Veggie Tuna - 300 gram

Unopened it does not require refrigeration!

An unbeatable classic on top of pizza, and a fabulous ingredient for pasta sauces! Even tuna salad, risottos and various spreads are easily finished before you even know it! Veggie-tuna at its best!

Vantastic Foods is especially committed to offering only products that do not contain genetically modified organisms. This way, we offer you the highest quality without genetic engineering and do not use artificial flavours or preservatives either. Moreover, our products do not contain any artificial flavour enhancers.

Ingredients: Soya fibres, sugar, salt, soybean oil, spices, nature-identical flavouring WITHOUT GLUTEN!

Nutrition facts per 100g: Energy 703kJ / 168kcal Protein 16.3g Carbohydrate 12.2g Fat 5.9g

manufacturer: Vantastic Foods

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Fruit gummy bears - 150 gram

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Soy filet of beef 150 gram

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Pisse - Kohlenrübenwinter #1 EP

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EA80 - 202 LP + 7

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EA80 - Licht LP + 7

EA80 - Licht LP + 7"

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