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Warwound - Burning The Blindfolds of Bigots tape

Warwound - Burning The Blindfolds of Bigots tape Warwound - Burning The Blindfolds of Bigots tape

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Warwound - Burning The Blindfolds of Bigots tape

12 brand new tracks & 1 cover version.

Originally established in 1982, a reformed and revitalised Warwound have been doing the rounds for a couple of years, and finally they present to you their brutal new full length. Original member Damien Thompson (also of Sacrilege & Varukers fame) has been joined by Ian Glasper (Stampin Ground, 36 Strategies and a million more), Stevie Wingrove (Hellkrusher, The Vile and many more) and Rat (Varukers amongst others) to complete the very strong line-up.

As you would expect of such a team, expectations for this new record will be very high, and fortunately this album doesn’t disappoint. There’s not really a need to drop those names above as the album stands on its own two feet, but in fact it is that combination of influences from the different band members - you can hear touches of previous endeavours throughout here and they way they are thrown together and shaken up is what makes this record stand out.

Add to that a hard, metallic production that really drives the tunes and you’ve got the making of a great album. As well as a pile of original songs, there is a killer cover of Sacrilege’s "The Closing Irony" which features guest vocals from Tam if I’m not mistaken. One thing a lot of these guys’ previous bands have in common is their molten lava metal-punk hybrid, and this album is the latest volcano about to erupt.

Artwork rendered by Andy Lefton (War//Plague) and lyric video for "Let The Truth Speak" courtesy of Andy Pilkington at Very Metal Art

Available in 3 formats LP, CD and Tape, colour vinyl is available while quantities last.

Warwound - Burning The Blindfolds of Bigots tape
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