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Vastusta - Demo Tape

Vastusta - Demo Tape

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Vastusta - Demo Tape

Fucking pummeling hardcore, faithful to Finnish hardcore tradition. Razorsharp guitar, tumbling bass, shredding drum fills, and commanding screams in Finnish - fucking perfect. All the elements of classics like BASTARDS and MELLAKKA, with fresh anger and relevant for today. Best new straight-up Finnish hardcore I've heard since KIELTOLAKI. Please don't break up before doing a EP"! Insanely great!

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Nitad - Allt Är Upp Och Ner EP (pink vinyl)

Nitad - Allt Är Upp Och Ner EP (pink vinyl)

Limited to 200 copies on pink vinyl! Split release with De:nihil Records! Nitad are back on the map! Brand new EP from Sweden's Nitad. On this record they have 3 great tracks of their awesome brand of Swedish meets US Hardcore punk. The songs are catchy but just so powerful and in your face, it's rediculous. Incredible bass lines, incredible guitar leads, pummeling drums and furious…

5,50 € (19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)