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Malignant Tumour - The Metallist tape

Malignant Tumour - The Metallist tape

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Malignant Tumour - The Metallist tape

Tape version!

Hailing from the precious pilsner-soaked lands of Czech Republic, these veterans of crust and metal fused R'n'R are back with their sixth full-length release.

Metal Box CD comes w/ a fold out poster + lyrics, woven patch, sticker and includes a bonus Mötorhead cover song naturally renamed “We Are Malignant”, paying tribute to Lemmy, the King of R‘n’R!!

Mastered by Andy Classen at Stage One Studio (DE), this devestating new record contains eleven luci-furious blasts of unholy metal mayhem that is certain to melt the hinges off the gates of hell!!

TRACK LISTING 01. Fine Hellride 02. The Metallist 03. Fly High 04. Walk As We Talk 05. Kiss By Hammer 06. I Want To Die With No Pants On 07. Missing Rebellion 08. 1989 09. Rolling Coals 10. Swimming In Mud 11. Wicked 12. We Are Malignant

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