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Anstalt - Outpunking The Punks tape

Anstalt - Outpunking The Punks tape Anstalt - Outpunking The Punks tape Anstalt - Outpunking The Punks tape Anstalt - Outpunking The Punks tape

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Anstalt - Outpunking The Punks tape

Tape version limited to 150 copies! Co-release with Pain Of Mind!

"Outpunking The Punks" is a compilation of their sold out EPs and contains 4 new and unreleased sonx as well!The record has a total running time of 32 minutes!!

Anstalt - hailing from Austria are a serious hardcore punk band with ridiculous vibrate sounds and influences like Motorhead, Genocide SS and Poison Idea.

That voice and the song structures are unmistakable. No wonder, vocalist and guitarist D. Staubsauger previously played in Genocide SS! This might as well be a continuation of that band, gritty Motörpunk’n’roll, Lemmy vocals, “woah-ohs,” solos and all.

Fuck, even the record had me pumping my fist and air-guitaring along. These guys just kill!


unreleased sonx:

Carbonized Return Of The Rat (Wipers) Postwar Deathcamp Blues Deathwish A Gogo

"Kamphetamine" EP (2014)

Austrian Wino
Westboro Baptist Church My Pride Is My Ignorance
Vodka Civil War
Get Out Of My Pocket
Machete Machete

s/t EP (2010):

Wars Of Tommorrow Stand Back Warrior Another Way Revenge Silence

Altamont Raceway EP (2011):

The Gods Rest Today
Total Hate
Much Too Old To Die Young

Anstalt - Outpunking The Punks tape Anstalt - Outpunking The Punks tape Anstalt - Outpunking The Punks tape
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