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Wolfbrigade - Run With The Hunted LP

Wolfbrigade - Run With The Hunted LP Wolfbrigade - Run With The Hunted LP

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Wolfbrigade - Run With The Hunted LP

Wolfbrigade's "Run With The Hunted" surges with ten brutalizing new tracks which elevate both the harsh intensity and the melodic attributes of the band's patented, penetrating, D-beat-ridden hardcore crust punk to new extremes of infectious viciousness. A concentrated sense of urgency lines the entire record, while a fragmented sense of dystopia fuels the scathing vocal wrath.

Wolfbrigade have been storming the scene internationally in one form or another since 1995. Then formed as Wolfpack, the outfit unleashed three LP’s and as many EPs of their potent crust-inspired punk in less than five years, instantly making a massively influential impact worldwide and helping fuel an entire new wave of “d-beat” bands and scenes internationally.

With some personnel changes at the turn of the century the band kicked off the new millennium under the revamped moniker Wolfbrigade. Since then the band’s already powerful attack became even more sinister and morose, yet more aggressive and pummeling. Following four LP’s and several splits and mini-releases under the Wolfbrigade banner since 2001, the outfit have remained at the top of their game and continue to release invigorating and demoralizing socially-aimed antagonism on a regular basis.

"Run With The Hunted" was recorded in both Studio Fredman in Gothenburg (At the Gates, In Flames, Martyrdöd), by Fredrik Nordström and Henrik Udd, and in Sunlight Studio (Dismember, Entombed, Grave) in Stockholm, by Tomas Skogsberg.


1. Nomad Pack
2. Warsaw Speedwolf
3. Lucid Monomania
4. No Reward
5. Kallocain
6. Return To None
7. War On Rules
8. Feral Blood
9. Under The Bell
10. Dead Cold

Wolfbrigade - Run With The Hunted LP
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