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Voight Kampff - The Din Of Dying Youth LP

Voight Kampff - The Din Of Dying Youth LP

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Voight Kampff - The Din Of Dying Youth LP

Ltd. 200 "Regular" edition black wax, fixed into amazing die-cut sleeves!

Coming off the heels off a mounting barrage of thick post-punk releases, Voight-Kampff pushes out another aggressive and atmospheric assault with their new album "The Din of Dying Youth".

The album immediately drops into the fray like a paratrooper as rhythmic chiming and bolting drums push their way through the melodic chorus-drenched guitar easier than a jackhammer through a stream of water, cooling it down from overheating, in a sky-scraping industrial park factory where no sunlight reaches.

The factory foreman vocals speak through the PA system to his human-replaced assembly line machines while simultaneously gripping the self-destruct button. Through the screeches and tears, faint optimistic veils drift in and out, spiraling around the tracks.

Clocking in at just over twenty minutes, "The Din of Dying Youth" delivers a solid line without fluff or filling, striking both sides of the alternative melancholy buzz, from Creation Records to the steel grinding steel noise of Touch & Go.

The momentum propels you miles per minute through overhead cable lines from the muddy waters of the Mississippi River into the cold Northeastern waters of the Quabbin Reservoir.

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