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Vicious Irene/Vehemence - Split LP

Vicious Irene/Vehemence - Split LP Vicious Irene/Vehemence - Split LP

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Vicious Irene/Vehemence - Split LP

Six blasting new tracks from Göteborgs Vicious Irene who continue where they stopped on their last full length "Distorted State Of Mind". A blend of radical feminist Crustpunk with a slight "grunge" edge and vocal melodies that remind you of early "Babes In Toyland" or "L7" in conjunction with some serious D-Beat-Crustcore!

Valerie Solanas' SCUM MANIFEST is quoted more than once and the general lyrical content is pointing out a fair lot of current feminist-political topics that are hopefully inspiring to you as well. - Recorded and mixed by Pontus Redig (Agrimonia, Martyrdöd, Miasmal) and mastered by Göran Finnberg. Probably the best Vicious Irene to date!

On the flip side we have Vehemence hailing from Marseille and Nancy (France) who deliver 3 extended songs of doom laden, shredding and distorted grind-metal-punk with an overall dystopian atmosphere. There's heaps of sludge and screamo-core every now and then and the whole musical package is a brutal grinder … especially live, this band manage to build up a wall of apocalyptic noise and mayhem. Just play loud and you know what i mean!

Lyrics deal with the poetry of despair… just as you might expect, not too uplifting topics. Recorded and Mastered at La Cave 38 in Metz by Monsieur Marcaille.

Vicious Irene/Vehemence - Split LP
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