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Toxic Shock - TwentyLastCentury LP (col. vinyl)

Toxic Shock - TwentyLastCentury LP (col. vinyl)

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Toxic Shock - TwentyLastCentury LP (col. vinyl)

Limited colored vinyl!

Holy Moly - this is a neckbreaker. Known from several quality releases (split with Iron Reagan) the belgium powerhouse Toxic Shock pushed their boundaries once again. No compromises! And so they went to bed with the godfather of metal producing Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica & Co.) to get things right for "Twentylastcentury".

They combine all good things of end of the 80s with good old hardcore like Suicial Tendencies did on their first two records. So you have Flanger Intros, loco-whispering, furious moshparts, fast circle pit parts.

The LA-Mentality of late 80s Venice Beach. So if you dig razorsharp guitars and cool groovy mosher like Leeway did you will did this 100% - Gangshouts, aggressive basslines, crazy leads and a fitting singer makes this a must have for all crossover maniacs out there.

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