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Tortür - Demo LP (black vinyl)

Tortür - Demo LP (black vinyl) Tortür - Demo LP (black vinyl) Tortür - Demo LP (black vinyl)

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Tortür - Demo LP (black vinyl)

Black vinyl!

Kawakami forever, loud punk nights, distorted mangle noise, d-beat rawpunk!

This one is an absolute killer release!

Tortür hail from Los Angeles, CA play typical noisy D-beat crasher crust. Expect nothing less than hellish rawpunk and a raw D-beat attack. Heavily influenced by Disclose, Discharge, Impalers, Warvictims...

The record contains both their 2 demos from 2016 and 2017 as well as their Flexi EP. 17 sonx in total!

The Cover art was done by Robin Wiberg! You may know Robin Wiberg as the drummer for DISFEAR, or from his Instagram account where he regularly posts his punk art. His drawings are stylistically very raw, which is fitting as he hails from Scandinavia, which is the birth place of “raw punk".

DIS nightmare continues! Noise, not music!

Mailorder-customers from North-America please get in touch with georgekaotik@gmail.com

track list:

1.Human Extinction 01:08 2.Dawn of Destruction 01:09 3.Raining Bombs 00:40 4.Hellish View (Disclose) 01:18 5.Power 01:08 6.Killing Machines 01:07 7.Decay 00:53 8.Feast 00:44 9.Conquered 01:08 10.Ambush 00:40 11.Waste 00:52 12.Kill 01:14 13.War 01:04 14.Catastrophe 00:39 15.No Surrender, No Survivors 00:52 16.Death of the Innocent 01:07 17.War Crimes 00:31

Tortür - Demo LP (black vinyl) Tortür - Demo LP (black vinyl)
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Nightmare - Give Notice Of Nightmare LP (green - 251

Nightmare - Give Notice Of Nightmare LP (green - 251

Green vinyl! Limited on 251 copies!

Official re-release! Split release between La Familia Releases and Farewell Records!

Housed in a 350 gram cover and contains a sheet with japanese lyrics and English translations! First release 1990 on legendary Selfish Records!

When it comes to japanese hardcore, it seems that a lot of people are obsessed with ADK or Dogma…

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Disfear - Soul Scars LP (ltd. purple vinyl)

Disfear - Soul Scars LP (ltd. purple vinyl)

25 year anniversary edition!

Purple-marbled vinyl, limited on 300 copies!

Originally released in 1995 via Distortion Records, now re-released via La Familia Releases!

Forming around 1989, Disfear took elements from both crust and death metal scenes to effectively reinvent the Swedish sound. It is from Disfear's influence that we have seen the likes of Martyrdod,…

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Pyramido - Fem LP

Pyramido - Fem LP

The new album, entitled simply ”Fem”, which is Swedish for the number five, was recorded and mixed during the fall of 2018, with engineer John Rönnerblad. The band have previously released four full-length records, a number of EP‘s and played every dark and damp squat of Europe you might imagine existing. The new material breathes and evolves naturally, not being afraid of trying out…

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Suicide Blitz - Ride The Steel LP

Suicide Blitz - Ride The Steel LP

This is pure Punk, intense, catchy, aggressive. 10 powerful punk smashers with a lot of hate. S.B. is an ALLSTAR band which was based at that time in Sweden and Germany with the usual suspects Dadde, Andy, 138, Kelly, Jocke, Kenko and Cornelia. A few copies of the colored vinyl left!!

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Soy Thin Stripes 300 gram

Soy Thin Stripes 300 gram

Soja Schnetzel are an extruded soya product, also called soya meat. This variant with longish fillet stripes is excellent for vegetarian gyros, fillet goulash, meat cut in stripes, fricassee and much more. The ideal meat substitute! How to prepare Soja Schnetzel: Simply soak the strips in hot vegetable stock for 5-10 minutes. Squeeze the water out of the strips, then season it to taste…

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Oi Polloi - Fight Back LP

Oi Polloi - Fight Back LP

Compiles recordings from '85 and '86. Their trax from the split LP with A.O.A. and split LP with Betray! Absolute legendary release by this legendary anarcho-punx from Edinburgh. Contains 12 all time faves such as "Boot Down The Door", "Nuclear Waste" or "Thugs In Uniform" originally released back in the 80ies. Unique mix of Anarcho-Punk, Oi and Hardcore/Crust.

11,00 € (16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)