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Tortür - Demo LP (black vinyl)

Tortür - Demo LP (black vinyl) Tortür - Demo LP (black vinyl) Tortür - Demo LP (black vinyl)

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Tortür - Demo LP (black vinyl)

Black vinyl!

Kawakami forever, loud punk nights, distorted magle noise, d-beat rawpunk!

This one is an absolute killer release!

Tortür hail from Los Angeles, CA play typical noisy D-beat crasher crust. Expect nothing less than hellish rawpunk and a raw D-beat attack. Heavily influenced by Disclose, Discharge, Impalers, Warvictims...

The record contains both their 2 demos from 2016 and 2017 as well as their Flexi EP. 17 sonx in total!

The Cover art was done by Robin Wiberg! You may know Robin Wiberg as the drummer for DISFEAR, or from his Instagram account where he regularly posts his punk art. His drawings are stylistically very raw, which is fitting as he hails from Scandinavia, which is the birth place of “raw punk".

DIS nightmare continues! Noise, not music!

Mailorder-customers from North-America please get in touch with georgekaotik@gmail.com

track list:

1.Human Extinction 01:08
2.Dawn of Destruction 01:09
3.Reining Bombs 00:40
4.Hellish View (Disclose) 01:18
5.Power 01:08
6.Killing Machines 01:07
7.Decay 00:53
8.Feast 00:44
9.Conquered 01:08
10.Ambush 00:40
11.Waste 00:52
12.Kill 01:14
13.War 01:04
14.Catastrophe 00:39
15.No Surrender, No Survivors 00:52
16.Death of the Innocent 01:07
17.War Crimes 00:31

Tortür - Demo LP (black vinyl) Tortür - Demo LP (black vinyl)
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