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The Proletariat - Move LP

The Proletariat - Move LP

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The Proletariat - Move LP

After a 33 year hiatus, legendary Boston punk rock band The Proletariat decided to reunite in the Fall of 2016 for a few select shows. Original members Richard Brown, Peter Bevilacqua and Tom McKnight were joined by guitarist Sanders (from the Providence band ‘Idle Rich’).

Now they’re back and as relevant as ever..

In the fall of 2017, writing began for the full-length LP. Working together as true comrades, each member brought their expertise to this creative endeavor. Rick found no shortage of examples of social injustice that he scribed into evocative minimalist phrasing. Sanders and Peter provided memorable riffs, while Tommy laid the foundation with unique beats. Giordano challenged them to expand the song sketches into fully arranged works.

In early 2018, the team returned to Mad Oak Studios. In four long days, the bulk of the album was tracked, and two more sessions made it ready for mixing at Giordano’s Black Dog Studios. Given today’s political climate, the band’s message and sound are as relevant and vital as they ever were.

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