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Suffering Quota - Life In Disgust LP

Suffering Quota - Life In Disgust LP

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Suffering Quota - Life In Disgust LP

The blood-smeared sledgehammer of classic grindcore instrumentation has always depended upon structural developments pulled from a hardcore punk informatic, a rubberized energy that brings not only a sense of speed but directional force.

Depending on your interest in the first two decades of hardcore you could probably ‘take it or leave it’ though many of those same techniques informed everything from first wave black metal to Swedish death metal.

In fact Dutch grindcore band Suffering Quota seem intent on loosening up beyond the boundaries of traditional grind sounds in both hardcore punk and death metal directions. Longer tracks, bigger riffs, heavier sounds, and a laser focus on unjust atrocities that define our times help to make ‘Life in Disgust’ one of the better grind records of the year.

Suffering Quota pull from a wide cut of influences that span the wealth of metal/punk old and new. I picked up on some neocrust, Scandinavian hardcore, some of Assück‘s brutality, and a fair shake of Yacøpsæ and Nasum alike.

The actual style of ‘Life in Disgust’ is more or less in the approach where they’ve nailed the traditions of grindcore and then figured how far they could take relevant influences without jumping outside the box of the genre and unto a stylized hybrid.

There is some great merit to working ‘within the box’ as the performances are inspired and often more memorable than they appear thanks to the variation offered by both crust punk and death metal exploration.

This is more or less how I’d also describe a record like Nasum‘s ‘Human 2.0’ and if you toss in some mid-90’s Discordance Axis you’d have a pretty good idea what to expect from this record.

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