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Suffer The Pain - Hellbound LP

Suffer The Pain - Hellbound LP

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Suffer The Pain - Hellbound LP

Swedish metallers Suffer The Pain are back with their 2nd album. This is crusty, nasty, hellish death metal with that deliciously evil punk influence. The production quality here is superb. The record retains the raw chaos that typifies early Bathory or Sodom, but feels much thicker; like a cavern being slowly flooded with blood.

Each track lasts for less than two minutes, so you’re not losing anything if you at least give this disc a spin. From the crusty burst of “Misery Abound” to the, frankly awesome, mid-paced riff-fest of “Exist? die!” Hellbound will have any old school death or crust lover champing at the bit.


Hellbound Exist? Die! Perpetual War Atra Mors Predator Beheaded Misery Abound Wasteland They Come With Darkness Black Sky

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