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Stiff Richards - Dig LP

Stiff Richards - Dig LP

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Stiff Richards - Dig LP

Wait: is this another face-melting punk act from Australia?! You best believe it! Stiff Richards hail from the Australian South Coast and kick up a racket so forceful and ferocious that you'd swear these guys have been listening to Raw Power since birth. Dig is the group's second album!!

There's nothing fancy going on here: just raw, savage rock n' roll that kicks you straight in the teeth and comes back for more. These gentlemen have definitely absorbed the lessons of the Detroit and Aussie rock of yore, and they manage to invigorate that sonic tradition with an energy that's off the charts. You've got guitars firing at full fury, a punishing rhythm section, and a madman howler on lead vocals who probably literally spits fire.

"Do It Right Now" may be as blatant of a Stooges homage as you'll ever hear, but it's also one of the best. Play it at max volume, and you will feel indestructible!

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