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SpeedKobra - Days Of Madness LP

SpeedKobra - Days Of Madness LP

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SpeedKobra - Days Of Madness LP

SpeedKobra are back with their new LP "Days of Madness".

Formed in Berlin in 2016, SpeedKobra is gathering members from Hangover Generation, Suburban Uproar and Hierophant to deliver an explosive mix of metal and raw punk hardcore. These five guys coming from all over the Italian boot have recorded a split in 2017 with "Strönt" from Compton, L.A.

The album cover - realized by the tattoo artist Eduard Proskurin - shows a Torture Garden where one is his own tormenter, unless it illustrates the dictum: Hell is the other people.

Following the line of their previous productions, "Days of Madness" is the fruit of a 100% DIY logic and won’t disappoint the people who followed the band since their first steps. None the less the LP gains in metal riffs: a pinch of nitroglycerin in their highly inflammable mix of crust and punk hardcore.

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