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Martyrdöd - Hexhammaren LP

Martyrdöd - Hexhammaren LP

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Martyrdöd - Hexhammaren LP

Unfortunately very expensive, but not surprising, if you move to Century Media...

The band’s crushing seventh album, as with prior Martyrdöd works, was recorded by Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman (Wolfbrigade, At The Gates, Agrimonia) in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Martyrdöd states of Hexhammaren, “The album came out really strong. We tried to just let loose and not get distracted with details. The recording was straight up raw and sincere with fast takes and improvised solos.”

Martyrdöd manage to remain heavily unique in their filth-ridden approach. While undeniably influenced by acts like Anticimex, Bathory, and Totalitär, the band intertwines their crust roots with sinister, haunting soundscapes and unique blackened riff attacks.

track list:

01. Hexhammaren (04:16)
02. Rännilar (02:42)
03. Helveteslarm (03:08)
04. War on Peace (02:53)
05. Bait and Switch (04:01)
06. Nästa Syrien (03:33)

Side 2
01. Cashless Society (03:38)
02. In the Dead of Night (02:35)
03. Den Sista Striden (02:36)
04. Pharmacepticon (04:01)
05. Judgement Day (03:09)
06. Sthlm Syndrom (03:45)

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