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Los Conejos - Caos Final LP

Los Conejos - Caos Final LP Los Conejos - Caos Final LP

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Los Conejos - Caos Final LP

Limited to 500 copies!

Second LP from this Spanish band. The ability of composition and creativity that is spent removing the hat! With their debut LP they already left a lot of people with their mouth open and much others were closed. Based on the dark pop-punk and full of references ... well, they've done it again.

12 new songs that follow in the wake of their first album but (if possible) even more worked, voice games are much more elaborate, the riffs sound like from The Smiths to Rezillos, through the first british punk, but ... wait! ... this is Los Conejos... have their own sound ... sound pop, punk, proto-punk, proto-pop, postprotopunkpop ... who cares??? Personal lyrics, dealing with issues such as bicycles, the distant childhood, human frailty, ... In this case the art ran on Teodoro Hernandez hands who got the Los Conejos concept perfectly. These new 12 tracks hooked to you when you least expect it and you can not stop playing, singing and repeating them in your head. Move over!... Ladies and gentlemen... because the fucking Los Conejos had arrived and they will stay.

Los Conejos - Caos Final LP
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