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Lifespite/Hostage - Split LP

Lifespite/Hostage - Split LP

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Lifespite/Hostage - Split LP

9 tracks of extremely negative and violent Hardcore from Holland and Canada.

Lifespite is a heavy and blunt outfit from Belgium and the Netherlands, featuring members of Reproach, Blind to Faith and Citizens Patrol to name but a few. Formed as a vehicle for negative savagery, Lifespite fuses blunt Hardcore with the knuckle dragging groove of Sludge.

Hostage from Hamilton, Ontario play metallic Hardcore/Sludge!

featuring members of INSULT/SKULLHOG and CHOKEHOLD/HAYMAKER...that comes down on you like a rain of bricks.life

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Disaffect - Still Chained (Discography) 2xLP

Disaffect - Still Chained (Discography) 2xLP

Limited on 550 copies! Housed in a beautifully crafted Gatefold-sleeve with additional 16 pages booklet including lyrics and linernotes. As a bonus you will find the best tracks of the 1991 "Demotape" with the missing tracks available as download.

The entire discography of this shortlived but influential early nineties anarcho punk band from Glasgow, Scotland.

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Slutet - Bortom Vansinnets Grepp LP

Slutet - Bortom Vansinnets Grepp LP

4th album from dark and heay crust/d-beat band from Sweden, incl. Warcollapse and Exploatör members. From Ashes Rise/Tragedy style but with traditional scandinavian hardcore feelings. 1. Slipar Min Kniv 04:23 2. Förpassad Till Helvetet 02:17 3. Åter Till Jord 02:27 4. Pandemi 01:57 5. Klassificerad 02:49 6. Förtvinar 02:54 7. Men Än Står Vi Kvar 01:28 8. Snutattentat 02:16 9.…

12,50 € (16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)

Plastic Sleeve LP (10 pieces)

Plastic sleeve for LPs. Package of 10 pieces!

1,95 € (16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)