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Khmer - Larga Sombra LP

Khmer - Larga Sombra LP Khmer - Larga Sombra LP

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Khmer - Larga Sombra LP

Heavy 380g cover printed inside/out! Superb 16-page booklet (DINA5 size) with arts, lyrics and liner notes translated into english and japanese.

Khmer bring you the following blackened noises from Spain. "Larga Sombra" is the band’s first full length album after putting out a demo, EP, and a couple of splits since forming in 2012.

The lyrics are entirely in Spanish but they took the time to have each song translated to not only English but Japanese as well. It reads like a true translation of ideas not just a word for word high school Spanish teacher translation.

This album is dark and heavy in many ways. With a list of musical influences too many to mention, it’s clear this is not a cvlt or predictable venture. The vocal fit right in with the coldest and most phlegm filled you will find anywhere. Huge crust inspired grooves fooling around with panicked tremolos, and catchy hardcore riffs. The drums really are the focal point instrumentally. The blast beats drive the music forward and the cymbals chime right through the noise but really it’s the punk rock d-beats that set Larga Sombra apart from others. There is also some clever use of the audio channels, often times feeling like a dirty sound in one ear and clean in the other.

Khmer - Larga Sombra LP
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