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Inner Terrestrials - Tales Of Terror 2xLP

Inner Terrestrials - Tales Of Terror 2xLP

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Inner Terrestrials - Tales Of Terror 2xLP

14 tracks divided on two 12" LPs. Comes with a
21x21 12 Page Booklet...

Third album of this UK anarcho-dub/reggae-punk group. 14 songs, just hits!

Londons legendary Inner Terrestrials are a stomping mix of dub, punk, ska, folk and general anarchic danceability. they get audiences all over the world going crazy, from Bristol to Berlin, from Tokyo to Warsaw and beyond. Serial travellers they've played more than 24 countries and countless festivals over the years and are as passionate as a band can be. Original pioneers of the uk dub punk sound.

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Cave Canem/Fractura - Split EP

Cave Canem/Fractura - Split EP

Nice joint 7" of two very interesting political crusty punk bands from Germany that play a sort of dark and downtuned "modern" neo crust without sounding similar and without sounding too much of a clone. It´s pretty interesting, so are their semi political, weight-full lyrix and the artwork is stunning. round up this is highly recommended.

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FCKR - Dummlandschweine LP

FCKR - Dummlandschweine LP

Repress! Limited pink vinyl! FCKR are from Leipzig/Germany and they play classic GDR Deutschpunk in the style of the legendary "SchleimKeim" very simple with keyboard organ and typical saxony dialect! Tracklist: 01. Dummheit 02. Gefahrengebiet 03. Steine 04. Schweine 05. Elite 06. Tot 07. Verknallt 08. Stand 09. Luxusprobleme 10. Theater 11. Klopf 12. Angstbüttel 13.…

12,00 € (19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)