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Human Cull - Revenant LP

Human Cull - Revenant LP

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Human Cull - Revenant LP

Human Cull is a grindcore band and from Devon in England.

Eighteen songs in eighteen minutes. There’s a balance in that, a certain perfect economy. No time for funny business, so give none; no time for prisoners, so take none. Get in; kick ass; get out.

English trio Human Cull has been grinding along since 2011, their influences worn proudly on their sleeve: early Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Extreme Noise Terror…This is grindcore of the old-school, crust-covered variety, gnarly and ugly and blasting and screaming and concise, raw and unapologetic.

After multiple splits and EPs, Human Cull dropped their first full-length back in 2014, the utterly relentless "Stillborn Nation", and here they are with their second full-length, four years later.

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