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Grinding Halt/Brito - Split LP

Grinding Halt/Brito - Split LP

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Grinding Halt/Brito - Split LP

Brito are back after their 12” from sometime ago. New drummer but that didn’t change their sound. Still heavily influenced by the likes of Shotmaker, Shellac and The Red Scare they deliver the goods again. Amazing stuff which should appeal to everyone into mentioned bands. Grinding Halt come with 4 songs on this 12”. Ranging from d-beat to heavy grooving some powerviolence droning and some 90’s mosh this is probably a great example of what this band is capable of. Excellent split.

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Suicide Blitz - Ride The Steel LP

Suicide Blitz - Ride The Steel LP

This is pure Punk, intense, catchy, aggressive. 10 powerful punk smashers with a lot of hate. S.B. is an ALLSTAR band which was based at that time in Sweden and Germany with the usual suspects Dadde, Andy, 138, Kelly, Jocke, Kenko and Cornelia. A few copies of the colored vinyl left!!

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Bridge And Tunnel  - Loss Leader EP

Bridge And Tunnel - Loss Leader EP

Bridge and Tunnel prove themselves to be Long Island's best new punk rock act not named the Agent in a long time. Finally, here's a band who's probably influenced by standard `90s punk legends like Fugazi and Hot Water Music, but don't make it that obvious, merely by combining the heartstring-tugging of emotional punk rock and the intricate, almost atmospheric structures of post-hardcore…

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Loser Life - My Hell 1- sided LP

Loser Life - My Hell 1- sided LP

Euro Repress as a one-sided 12" with silkscreen art on the flip and an extra song! On My Hell, the Bakersfield Four blast through 6 tracks of blistering hardcore punk a la Naked Raygun, Articles Of Faith, Born Against, etc. After a handful of EPs, an LP on Magic Bullet and a few thousand miles worth of touring, it is clear that Loser Life have mastered their Chicago meets DC by way of…

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