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Fragment - In The Dust LP (black vinyl)

Fragment - In The Dust LP (black vinyl)

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Fragment - In The Dust LP (black vinyl)

First album from Nova Scotia's noisiest, blown out wrecking machine from that small cast of characters up there that can do no wrong.

Raw and distorted crasher crust from Canadian Hardcore Punks Fragment. There are a lot of different tacks you can take in the d-beat game, from huge "stadium crust" to ultra-raw noise punk to the almost avant-garde style of bands like D-Clone, but, like Framtid, Fragment have arrived at a sound that sounds big and imposing but at the same time very, very raw.

Featuring members of LIFECHAIN, CONTAGIUM and CONCRETE ASYLUM bringing feedback drenched aggressive hardcore with pummeling drumming.

A furious mix of addictive D-Beat Hardcore!

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Napalm Raid - Wheel Of War LP (colored vinyl)

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