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Forward - Future Troops LP (ltd. 200)

Forward - Future Troops LP (ltd. 200) Forward - Future Troops LP (ltd. 200)

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Forward - Future Troops LP (ltd. 200)

European version from Japanese punk legends Forward, Future Troops, limited to 200 hand-numbered copies, purple vinyl with OBI and lyric insert, licensed from Break the Records, will be out for the Obscene Extreme festival in July.

Featuring ten new tracks on a single disc, the release is the band’s first LP in six years and only their fourth in a storied twenty-two year career of state-of-the-art, nitro-fueled Japanese hardcore.

Established in 1996 from the ashes of the much revered Death Side, vocalist Ishiya and bassist You formed Forward, along with members of Insane Youth and more. Building upon the teachings of UK metal-punk legends Discharge, Forward’s unique “intelligent savage” approach to hardcore was and is decidedly their own, nodding at the work of Poison Idea, Anti-Cimex and others while forging an ironclad path strictly through word of mouth, DIY gigs and underground channels.

"Future Troops" is a taut and explosive collection of tracks that spin yarns of police brutality, calls for peace, rumors of war, injustice, the effects of the Tokyo Olympics and more in a compact and tense 25 minutes of vitriol. You’ve never heard anything as furious as “A.C.A.B.,” you won’t be able to unclench your fist after “Tokyo Orympic,” “Hatered Union” or “Piece of Peace,” and the world won’t soon forget "Future Troops".

“Future Troops” was also released in USA by 540 Records and Todo Destruido. The USA version is sold out. For Forward USA-tour 2018 was released also single “Apathy Kills People” by Black Water. These 2 songs of the single are included on European vinyl version. So the European version has all the songs of the original Japanese version of the CD.

Limited to 200 copies only!

Forward - Future Troops LP (ltd. 200)
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Nightmare - Thirsty And Wander LP (red - ltd. 105)

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The record is housed in a 350 gram inside/out cover and comes with fold out lyric sheet and nice OBI!

The record is available in 8 different colors: green, red, blue, purple splatter, pink clear, purple clear, grey splatter and darkblue with white streaks!

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Sekkusu - Fukk On Loud Night tape (ltd. 100)

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The dudes from Detroit/Michigan doing a bastard mix of '80s Thrashmetal, japanese MetalPunk and Burning Spirits Hardcore. One of the five tracks is an ONSLAUGHT (UK)coverversion. The artwork was done by Caleb Dickenson "Cosmic Void Dark Art". The tape is ltd. to 100 yellow tapes in clear boxes. Program repeats on both sides, contains two logo stickers.

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Languid - Resist Mental Slaughter tape

Languid - Resist Mental Slaughter tape

Malaysia-import! Raging Discharge/Anti-Cimex influenced D-Beat from Edmonton/Canada. This album is sure to wipe you clean off your feet! Q.: and D-beat? A.: and D-beat!

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Wolfbrigade - Comalive CD (lim. digy-pack)

Wolfbrigade - Comalive CD (lim. digy-pack)

Regardless what music genre you like it always depends on if it has that special groove. You know that special ability to speak directly to the listener, so you feel the music in your spine and your groin instead of it takeing a detour through the brain. Stockholm based WOLFBRIGADE knows this very well."Comalive", their 8th fullenght, is an absolutly supreme display on groovy rawpunk. In…

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The Domestics/Pizzatramp - Split 5

The Domestics/Pizzatramp - Split 5" (colored vinyl)

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Skizophrenia - Undead Melodies EP

Skizophrenia - Undead Melodies EP

Now, that's about time! 6 years since their last record, Skizophrenia are back in full force with this 4th EP.

Forging their sound in the old scandinivian and finnish 80's raw punk scene and the likes of Pohjasakka, Vaurio, Appendix, Moderat Likvidation, Absurd... and adding a typical japanese nitro-fueled hardcore punk approach to it, this record is pure energy!!


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