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Falcon Five‘s - We Are Falcon And You Don‘t LP

Falcon Five‘s - We Are Falcon And You Don‘t LP

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Falcon Five‘s - We Are Falcon And You Don‘t LP

I totally don‘t agree with the namedropping in the info sheet. Where the hell does the author hear Wipers or Ash Ra Tempel? This would be an awesome mix of styles indeed but this clearly is not what The Falcon Five are playing… I would rather describe as fast and rocking posthardcore with dancepunk style drumming and a good hand for hooklines and melodies. Clearly one of these bands nobody would expect to have crept of a place like Franken. This sounds a lot more like New York City, the hipper barrios of Washington D.C. or at least, at very least Great Britain. It sounds so metropolitan and up to date. Urban indie rock with d.i.y. street credibility. Sounds like a perfect soundtrack to dancing naked in the basement of a squat and deciding to quit your job because dancing is way more fun than working. Six songs and fifteen minutes of finger in the air and hip shaking. No wonder this gem is released through Narshardaa and Altin Village, two of today‘s best postwhatever labels. Totally recommended.

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