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Faintest Idea - Increasing The Minimum Rage LP

Faintest Idea - Increasing The Minimum Rage LP

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Faintest Idea - Increasing The Minimum Rage LP

Limited colored vinyl!

Back in the late '70's, 2Tone revived ska music and infused it with punk energy and a DIY can-do attitude. On their second album, Kings Lynn’s self-proclaimed rudeboy street punks Faintest Idea take that template and give it an injection of hardcore bile.

Imagine a metallic, vicious, turbocharged Specials and you could have Circling The Drain or Down Pressure. The Well Has Run Dry brings to mind Extreme Noise Terror, complete with rattling biscuit tin drums from drummer Jack and dual lead vox whilst Stick Em Up (Lords Of War) recalls Crass. Both tracks are lifted beyond those influences by the brass of Lil Dan, Sara and Bobble.

Throw Away The Key and No Consequences add a tasty twist of Madness to the ska-punk mix. Corporation starts with grinding doom-metal riffage from guitarist Jack before combining Oi gang chant vocals with a ska-tastic beat. Closer Tightrope mixes Clash-style punk-reggae with rock steady to great effect. Throughout, Dani’s vocals are rough and ready, coming on like Steve Ignorant at his most intense or a gruffer Isaac from Slaves.

This is an album of big choruses, infectious riffs and socially conscious lyrics that might just earn some crossover success.

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