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Disfear - Live The Storm LP (black vinyl)

Disfear - Live The Storm LP (black vinyl) Disfear - Live The Storm LP (black vinyl)

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Disfear - Live The Storm LP (black vinyl)

Official re-release! Black vinyl!

Comes in 350 gram inside/out sleeve with 400 gram lyric sheet and 180 gram vinyl!

Disfear are from Sweden, born from the ashes of Anti-bofors. In October 1992 the band recorded their eponymous debut EP in Sunlight Studios under the guidance of famed Entombed-producer Tomas Skogsberg. Encouraged by the overwhelming response, Disfear went back to Sunlight and cut the classic "A Brutal Sight Of War".

With a DIS in the name is very clear what these dudes are about: on "A Brutal Sight Of War" they deliver nine tracks of Discharge-ish d-beat crust hardcore with harsh toxic vocals, discore riffs and fast tempos.

Finally, after 14 years available on vinyl again through La Familia Releases!


A1 A Brutal Sight Of War
A2 Judgement Day
A3 Forced To Conform
A4 No Hope Of Survival

B1 Religion
B2 Min Elegi
B3 Undergång
B4 Vietnam Idag
B5 Det Sista Kriget

Disfear - Live The Storm LP (black vinyl)
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