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Disfear - A Brutal Sight Of War LP (black vinyl)

Disfear - A Brutal Sight Of War LP (black vinyl)

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Disfear - A Brutal Sight Of War LP (black vinyl)

Official re-release! Black vinyl!

Comes in 350 gram inside/out sleeve with 400 gram lyric sheet and 180 gram vinyl!

Disfear are from Sweden, born from the ashes of Anti-bofors. In October 1992 the band recorded their eponymous debut EP in Sunlight Studios under the guidance of famed Entombed-producer Tomas Skogsberg. Encouraged by the overwhelming response, Disfear went back to Sunlight and cut the classic "A Brutal Sight Of War".

With a DIS in the name is very clear what these dudes are about: on "A Brutal Sight Of War" they deliver nine tracks of Discharge-ish d-beat crust hardcore with harsh toxic vocals, discore riffs and fast tempos.

Finally, after 14 years available on vinyl again through La Familia Releases!


A1 A Brutal Sight Of War
A2 Judgement Day
A3 Forced To Conform
A4 No Hope Of Survival

B1 Religion
B2 Min Elegi
B3 Undergång
B4 Vietnam Idag
B5 Det Sista Kriget

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