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Decimate - Destroy Or Be Destroyed LP (ltd. 250)

Decimate - Destroy Or Be Destroyed LP (ltd. 250)

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Decimate - Destroy Or Be Destroyed LP (ltd. 250)

This is a limited pressing of just 250 copies so won't be around forever!

Inspired by a mutual love of bands such as Sworn Enemy, Deat, At The Gates, Madball, Full Blown Chaos, All Out War and Immortal to name a few , Decimate have been leading lights on the UK metalcore scene since 2001 when they released the classic "In The Name Of A God" EP on Blackfish.

Now in 2016, nearly a decade since their last release, Decimate are back with "Destroy.

Or Be Destroyed" and its been worth the wait! Lovers of thrash/death/hardcore will all find something in this album, in fact you could say you'll be destroyed by the power of "Destroy . Or Be Destroyed"!

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