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Cuir - Album LP (pink/white vinyl)

Cuir - Album LP (pink/white vinyl) Cuir - Album LP (pink/white vinyl)

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Cuir - Album LP (pink/white vinyl)

Repress! White/pink vinyl!

Synth punk from Brittany, the solo project of the singer, Doug, of Sordid Ship and Coupe Gorge. It’s aggressive, bouncy, super-catchy and a lot of fun.

On the debut LP, as on the previous singles, he rather shows his passion for synthpunk and then simply combines both preferences into a pretty great and awesome style of Punk. Super melodic synth parts mix with angry Oi Punk and Roll sound. Voilà: CUIR.

So, strong contender for album of the year 2021, folks.

track list:

Side A
Blouson Noir
Gagoule Rose
Cut Cut

Side B
Luxure Objectif
Les Restes De La Veille
Ton Cuir Noir De Merde (La Flingue)

Cuir - Album LP (pink/white vinyl)
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