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Chiller - s/t LP

Chiller - s/t LP

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Chiller - s/t LP

Expected to be available on Friday 02 February, 2018. Pre-order now!

Chiller is what happens when members of Feral Trash, Black Tower, and Mother’s Children need another outlet. Dark and melodic punk at its best I guess only Canadians can excel in!

Eric and Ilisha of Feral Trash have teamed up with their fellow citizens Erin (Black Tower) and Tim (Mother's Children) to form the perfect dark pop punk rock band. It's pretty much a mix of aforementioned bands, so you'll get superb and catchy songwriting mixed with powerful downstroke guitars and male/female vocals that'll give you goosebumps all along the way.

Chiller are ready to share their worldview with the world with this, their first release. Much like Feral Trash, fans of Masshysteri, Hysterese, Allvaret, and The Stops should be thrilled by this record.

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