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Carol - 1996 Reconstructed LP (ltd. 500)

Carol - 1996 Reconstructed LP (ltd. 500) Carol - 1996 Reconstructed LP (ltd. 500)

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Carol - 1996 Reconstructed LP (ltd. 500)

Limited on 500 copies!

This band is like the German version of The Swarm. A deadly combination.

"1996 reconstructed" is what you've been waiting for: a collection of nine lost songs (two previously released tracks from the "Cry Now, Cry Later vol. 4" compilation and their split 7" with STACK) and seven new tracks from the same recording session in 1996.

Everything has been remastered for pristine sound quality, while maintaining the raw, frenetic feel the band had always given off. Listening to this album repeatedly just might kill you, but at least you will die with a smile on your face.

Hell yeah, 22 years is a f**king long time and it's hard to believe that the recording of these nine tracks are that old - and yet, the "1996 reconstructed" stands the test of time - it's still as fresh and vital as when it was recorded.

Carol was permanently disbanded in 1997 after their brief existence and was another legendary band of the almighty mid-90s Bremen scene, with members involved in bands such as SYSTRAL and MÖRSER.

It's very difficult to find the words to describe their music - they obviously take all kinds of elements from hardcore and metal just to create the most perfect mutation of all of them in the form of songs that come alive as new and unique entities.

Their blend of discordance and precise, barrelling riffs, laid out within the framework of frantic bursts of violence and chronic brutality, combined with the most ear-splitting vocals around is what Carol was all about.

Regular black vinyl comes with an inlay, a small poster and includes a digital download card with the three additional tracks from the 7".

Carol - 1996 Reconstructed LP (ltd. 500)
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