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Blitzkrieg - Ohne Zukunft 2xLP

Blitzkrieg - Ohne Zukunft 2xLP Blitzkrieg - Ohne Zukunft 2xLP Blitzkrieg - Ohne Zukunft 2xLP

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Blitzkrieg - Ohne Zukunft 2xLP

Double LP - both LPs in multicolored vinyl!

History lesson: Hanover, 1981. Punk in its early phase and Blitzkrieg in its middle. Founded in 1979 and disbanded in 1982. “Ohne Zukunft” is the complete discography as a double LP with all the material, Blitzkrieg ever recorded.

Including the legendary “Ohne Zukunft”-EP from 1981 (No Nordstadt Records), live material and all compilation-tracks from “Soundstracks zum Untergang Vol. 2”, “Wir sind alle Schlawiner”-LP, “KZ 36” and “Korn live”-Compilation.Minimalistic hardcore-punk with political and personal lyrics and straight anti-attitude. (Self-) destructive, no future, punk.

An authentic historical document of early German punk.A part of the band later found the Boskops.

Comes as a fat double LP in gatefold-cover with historical pictures and bandhistory from original members.

Blitzkrieg - Ohne Zukunft 2xLP Blitzkrieg - Ohne Zukunft 2xLP
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Godorrohea - Zeitgeist EP

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