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Barrenfields - Palmistry LP

Barrenfields - Palmistry LP

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Barrenfields - Palmistry LP

This is the debut of the Madrid-based band in LP format.

Listening to Barrenfields for the first time is to think about what would have happened if the Misfits came back to life after years being criogenically freezed since Glenn Danzig’s departure. For everyone’s relief, Jerry Only would not have invited all his friends forgotten at the punk rock old people’s asylum. The band sweats an accelerated and raw punk, balanced with a powerful but harmonious voice.

Barrenfields play a raw punk in the vein of the Misfits but sounding in accordance with these times as well. The blues-like voice of Grace reminds us of Glenn.

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Ramonas - I Want To Live In Outer Space LP

Ramonas - I Want To Live In Outer Space LP

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