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August Landmesser/Kaczynski - Split LP

August Landmesser/Kaczynski - Split LP August Landmesser/Kaczynski - Split LP

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August Landmesser/Kaczynski - Split LP

August Landmesser coming from Opole, Poland finally got to grips with this recording because this is their first proper one after five years of existence.

This is hardcore punk with mid-tempo dirty sounding riffs. It puts you in trans instantly when the pictures of industrial part of this world spin in front of your eyes. Add to this slightly distorted vocals shouting cleverly written lyrics about the state of this society in catholic, ipad-driven, materialistic country and you get the picture. It’s a dirty and rusty picture that August Landmesser is paiting for you.

Flip the side and you are treated to neo crusties from Czech called Kaczynski. Not the stupid wanker from Poland. The clever professor from US, who once wrote a thesis called “Industrial Society and Its Future”.

You can hear Kaczynski being a younger band on this split release, musically, but this doesn’t do them any bad. They take on you with their FALL OF EFRAFA heavily inspired climate of romantic sound, riffs and vocals. It’s very FALL OF EFRAFA inspired, actually. Maybe not too original, but hey, FALL OF EFRAFA are here no more. We’ve got Kaczynski taking things over, so I will be making sure to see them live as soon as I possibly can.

August Landmesser/Kaczynski - Split LP
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