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Accused - Nasty Cuts - Best of The Nasty LP

Accused - Nasty Cuts - Best of The Nasty LP

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Accused - Nasty Cuts - Best of The Nasty LP

Canada-import! Fourteen blood-soaked songs selectively chosen from the "Grinning Like An Undertaker" LP, the "Straight Razor" 12" EP, and the "Splatter Rock" LP sessions. Exhumed from the graves of 1990-1993, this compilation of nail-pounding, metal-edged splatterrock will serve as a collection of works from the Nasty Mix era!! Artwork was kill-ustrated by the King of Splatter himself, Tommy Niemeyer...in murderous head-splitting fashion!!

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Not bad either:


Accused - The Return Of Martha Splatterhead LP

REMASTERED!! Here is the first full-length masterpiece from the Kings of Splatter released on LP in 1986 by COMBAT. This classic has been out of print for over 20 years!! This legendary release has influenced many bands around the world because of its fiercely original style. Martha is back on black!! Includes nice clean packaging with printed inner sleeve.

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Soy Medaillons 800 gram

Soy Medaillons 800 gram

Soy-medaillons 800 gram! Soja Medaillons are excellent for vegetarian steaks, escalopes, nuggets, shashlik and much more. The ideal meat substitute! How to prepare Soja Medaillons: Simply soak the medaillons in hot vegetable stock for 5-10 minutes, then fry and process to taste. Ingredients: Soya flour*, water (* = without genetic engineering!) WITHOUT GLUTEN! Nutrition…

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