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Accept The Change - Escapism Is A Dying Art LP (col.)

Accept The Change - Escapism Is A Dying Art LP (col.)

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Accept The Change - Escapism Is A Dying Art LP (col.)

Taking their influences from a variety of bands such as Have Heart, Modern Life Is War, Verse or Defeater, ACCEPT THE CHANGE has come up with their very own mixture of modern hardcore. Listening to "Escapism", it's hard to imagine this to be their debut record, that's how strong it is. The songwriting is anchored by the passionate lyrics from singer Tom: "Escapism" is about the vicious circle of giving up and having to start over, only to hit the ground again. In these songs I talk about the things that I went through and how I felt about it. Starting out like all teenagers uncertain and anxious sinking to the blackest depths of major depression it's a journey through my mind. It will not be the most touching story you'll ever hear. But I can assure you it's real." "Escapism" is personal and deeply honest. There's no doubt that these five friends have poured their hearts into these tracks. They've come up with the perfect way to express their emotions through their music. Raw and sincere, you'll do more than hear these songs... you'll feel them.

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V.A. Hangover Heartattack LP

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Nasum - Grind Finale 4xLP

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