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Under Pressure - Come Clean CD

Under Pressure - Come Clean CD

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Under Pressure - Come Clean CD

Man, I suck. I don't really listen to vinyl very often at all anymore, so I haven't really kept up with Canadian hardcore/punk masters Under Pressure since a lot of their output in the last few years has been on 7"s and whatnot. But thankfully last year's "Come Clean" full-length recently showed up in the mail on CD from Germany's Yellow Dog Records to remind me of just how awesome this band really is. This material sees the group continuing to branch out and fine-tune their atypical yet classically-influenced brand of hardcore/punk for a killer set of 10 tracks in about 35 minutes. There's somewhat more of a rock 'n' roll vibe happening to some of the chords and riffs these days, with a slightly slower overall drive that helps to highlight the power of some of the dissonance that creeps into place from time to time. But beyond that, there are also some longer compositions that experiment with a little more melody and texture, diversifying without lacking a connection to where you know the band is coming from at its core. Very cool. Plus the recording - aptly warm, a little dry, somewhat restrained, but 100% natural - gives the perfect presence to the oomph of the percussion and the killer thump of the basslines. And of course I still love those amazingly unique vocals. These dudes just kill it every single time. I simply can't say enough good things about this band and how much I respect the manner in which they handle their artistry.

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