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Regulations - Electric Guitar CD

Regulations - Electric Guitar CD

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Regulations - Electric Guitar CD

Seven new studio tracks on the A side. Following in the proven Regulations style of going back to the roots of hardcore punk, circa 1980. Catchy, snotty, raw, hardcore punk that would fit right in on Dangerhouse records or the Boston Not L.A. compilation. B side features both 7's (now out of print) as bonus track.

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Regulations - s/t CD

Regulations - s/t CD

After the break up of Epileptic Terror Attack these Umea punks decided to go back to the roots and start a new band with more of an emphasis on roots hardcore punk sounds. Looking to the early LA scene for inspiration, Regulations have the raw energy of hardcore with the catchy and memorable songwriting of early punk. Their two 7"s have become cult classics with collectors. This LP…

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