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Naevus - Heavy Burden CD

Naevus - Heavy Burden CD Naevus - Heavy Burden CD Naevus - Heavy Burden CD

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Naevus - Heavy Burden CD

Comes in a nice sleevepac with additional booklet. Both with matte varnish.

In the crowded annals of the last two decades-plus of doom, one might be forgiven for letting Naevus slip through the cracks. Why? Well, it’s been 18 years since the German double-guitar four-piece made their debut on Rise Above Records with 1998’s "Sun Meditation".

"Heavy Burden", arrives through Meta Matter Records as 11 tracks/55 minutes light on fanfare and heavy on classic doom. They leave little to wonder about what’s the burden in question. It’s riffs, and so be it.

With stylistic debt to Maryland-style doom - The Obsessed and Pentagram, specifically - Naevus follow up their long-ago first album and their 2012 "Universal Overdrive" limited EP without missing a beat, as though "Sun Meditation" came out three years ago and Heavy Burden was simply the next phase of a songwriting progression playing out, not necessarily a reunion offering. Granted, production styles have changed in the last 18 years and Heavy Burden isn’t as raw as its predecessor, but that would likely be the case one album to the next to some degree anyway, and the point is that Naevus don’t sound any rustier in “Naked”, “Black Sun,” or “Future Footprints” than they want to - which is to say that doom almost always wants to sound a little rusty - and their material comes across as a fresh take on the traditional form.

Naevus - Heavy Burden CD Naevus - Heavy Burden CD
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