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Hellkrusher - Wasteland CD

Hellkrusher - Wasteland CD

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Hellkrusher - Wasteland CD

Hellkrusher formed in 1989 by singer Ali Lynn and bassist Ian ‘Scotty’ Scott after they left their former bands - Energetic Krusher and Hellbastard.

“Wasteland” was released in 1990, and now finally is given the full Boss Tuneage Retro treatment of this UK Crust Punk/Thrash classic! The release features liner notes and unseen memorabilia from the band as well as the vinyl version containing the lyrics as well for the first time..increasingly scarce to find and commanding a high second hand price, and with a new album in the works, its time to make this 27 year old classic widely available again!


Smash The Trash
Darkness Provides
Religion (Isn't Very Nice)
Progressive Destruction
No Religion
The End

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Envy - All The Footprints CD

Envy - All The Footprints CD

Japan-Import! As part of the celebration surrounding the release of "Abyssal", "All the footprints you've ever left" is set to once again be available for the 1st time since its 2001 release on HG Fact. The album introduced ENVY to Americans when it was released in a limited supply in the US by Dim Mak and is widely regarded as an innovative, high mark for hardcore.…

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Pyramido - Saga LP (black vinyl)

Pyramido - Saga LP (black vinyl)

Swedens Pyramido seem to be the joy of every sludge fan out there. Pyramido is doomy, sludgy, crusty, stoner-esque, and while their music is laced with generics, there is also something extremely well calculated about their brand of doomy sludge.

Just like before I draw comparisons to Grief and Noothgrush, but with less Electric Wizard and with the added flair of Eyehategod and…

11,00 € (19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
Pyramido - Vatten LP (black vinyl)

Pyramido - Vatten LP (black vinyl)

Black vinyl!

Pyramido is known for releasing some of the heaviest Doom/Sludge music - your bones rattle in trepidation to its fearsome approach.

2 1/2 years after delivering the punishing third full-length record "Saga", Pyramido returns with another weapon of mass-destruction!

That's five new tracks of a raw Sludge journey more complex than before,…

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Electrozombies -  He Visto LP

Electrozombies - He Visto LP

From Santiago de Chile comes the Electrozombies and "He Visto" is a reissue of their debut album from 2008. Their ingredients are crust, deathmetal & sludge played with an perfection and energy leaving you mouth agape! This band is quite outstanding from their genre and if you got the chance to catch them live, don't miss out. Electrozombies rule the earth!

11,00 € (19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
Guevnna - Conspiracies LP

Guevnna - Conspiracies LP

Guevnna from Tokyo/Japan was born in late 2011, with no solid plans…only the understanding that the guys love BONGZILLA and IRON MONKEY. At first, these two bands gave strong influence to their sound; however, gradually they added elements of their other favorites…such as New Wave and Disco Music, to their big Fuzz stream. The group are now reaching a unique state, combining Heavy Doom…

12,50 € (19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
Phobia /Plutocracy - Split Live LP

Phobia /Plutocracy - Split Live LP

On this split LA/OC kingpins, Phobia, scrap it out live with infamous Bay Area tokers, Plutocracy. Both bands have had a huge impact on the "extreme music" emerging from California over the last decade and a half, and play/played their own brands of grindcore and/or powerviolence. Phobia have been leveling cities for about 25 years now, and on this LP expel 4 blasts of "Harmony…

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