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Enemy Allience/The Indecision - Split CD

Enemy Allience/The Indecision - Split CD

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Enemy Allience/The Indecision - Split CD

They walked the earth among us, but they are straight from the bowels of hell, haha! This is the real shit, be sure you know this dudes. ENEMY ALLIANCE is the new band of Rodrigo and Fredrik both from SATANIC SURFERS teamed up with Daniel & Flygare of VENEREA. This new brewed songs are amazing. Musically the band stands were SATANIC SURFERS left off, yet they added a more hardcore orientated feel. THE INDECISION ALARM is all about energetic and sincere, melodic punk/hardcore. 3 of the 4 members are known from ADHESIVE. ADHESIVE men, these guys know what's up. Fans of PROPAGANDHI, I SPY and HOT WATER MUSIC will go ape shit. This is one of the top melodic hardcore/punkrock outputs this year. Sweden is back on the map!!!

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Migra Violenta - Superficial CD

Migra Violenta - Superficial CD

Brilliant !!!! From Argentina, MIGRA VIOLENTA delivers 16 songs of crusty hardcore on this CD, along with healthy dose of youthful energetic hardcore not unlike Lifes Halt, Los Crudos and Tear it Up. this shit is ripping from start to finish. The frustration and anger at the current situation comes through loud and clear. Great Release!!

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