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EA80 - Definitiv Ja! CD

EA80 - Definitiv Ja! CD

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EA80 - Definitiv Ja! CD

With 11 new songs, "Definitely: Yes!" is the 13th studio album after 38 years of band history.

EA80 is a German punk band from Mönchengladbach. The group was founded in 1979, exists until today, never split up and is thereby the longest running german punk band and one of the oldest punk bands of the world. Interestingly they are virtually unknown in the international punk scene.

Their first release, a 7" entitled "Der Mord Fällt Aus", hit the streets in 1982, and the group had a fairly regular release schedule over the decades.

The music is sometimes described as "intellectual Punk", the lyrics often resemble poems that do not focus on rhyme. All their releases are self-produced and self-distributed without contracts to record labels, often in very limited editions of only a few dozen copies, There is no merchandise and very rarely any interviews.

EA80 is the best german punk band ever and they're live an unforgettable experience. There are few bands that I can say that they made a bad album, here is just everything right, particularly their D.I.Y. style. EA80 live punk, and it's nice to see people overseas appreciate their music. Always a good choice!

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