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Cross Stichted Eyes - II CD

Cross Stichted Eyes - II CD

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Cross Stichted Eyes - II CD

Hot on the heels of their debut EP is this CD release, which include said EP (entitled "I " of course) as well as some demo tracks and additional studio recordings. An international three piece consisting of members from the US, Germany and England, CROSS STITCHED EYES pays obvious homage to gloomy UK punk bands of yore like RUDIMENTARY PENI and AMEBIX (especially in the vocals) without sounding overly contrived. With a solid foundation of heavy, pounding drums, dark, driving riffage, and an overall evil/scary ambience, the disc also includes some interesting moments of melody, gothicness, weird ocal and guitar effects, and straight-up punk rock (...) Like the music itself, the high-quality artwork and packaging has a personality of it´s own while retaining the style of this genre.

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